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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

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Early Life.

Bruce McCane was born in Las Venturas General Hospital on 19th of March, 1993. At the age of 6, he and his family moved to Palomino Creek on a small house near the county's library. His father was a fisherman and his mother was a nurse at the Las Venturas General Hospital. After moving to Palomino Creek his father bought a small boat to fish around the county and his mother started working on Palomino Creek's Medical Center. Bruce was sent to the county's elementary school. After finishing the elementary school Bruce lost both of his parents on a vehicle accident on the northern exit of Palomino when they were on their way home. At the time Bruce was on his house with his grandfather. After his parents died Bruce got the house on his name. Bruce decided to sell the house and together with his grandfather moved on a small house in El Corona, Los Santos. After finishing high school Bruce decided to drop an application for the San Andreas Police Department. After a few weeks, Bruce got a negative reply from the department. After that reply, Bruce decided to try something else with his life other than being a legal citizen.

Illegal Activities.


One day while he was working on a weed plantation house he was framed and he was caught by the Federal Bureau of the Investigations. He was arrested and jailed for 3 months. That was due to the product being in a low amount. When he went out of jail he decided to try to find who framed him. During his search, he had met a guy in jail by the name of Declan. During the search, Bruce found out that Declan was a part of an organisation called Central Side Crew. Bruce liked the organisation and was trying his best to join it. After a few weeks of hanging around with the organisation, he was officially invited through a very unique ritual that the organisation did to the newcomers. Bruce worked for the organisation for around 1 year and a half until he was getting tired of being in the organisation and decided to bail out of it. Declan welcomed the decision that Bruce took and he let him go in peace as Bruce was known as a very kind and respectful guy within the organisation.

Another Life.


Two months after staying clean Bruce decided to give another shot to the San Andreas Police Department. This time he got a positive reply and decided to pursue that decision to the maximum limit. Bruce went through the academy real fast as he was a hard worker and dedicated to the Police Academy. He passed all the exams and it was the day of the San Andreas Police Department academy ceremony. The day that Bruce had been waiting for a while. Bruce gets promoted to Police Officer I on the ceremony and now his tasks went more serious and harder. He flew his way through the tasks and assignments and 1 year later he gets promoted to Police Officer II due to his extraordinary work. Nowadays Bruce is currently standing at the rank of Police Officer II and his dedication is through the roof for the Police Department, hoping for a better future within the department.

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