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In Memoriam

Fixed Bug report - /drop gun

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  • In-game name:
  • Date of when you discovered the bug:
  • What feature is the bug relevant to:
  • Explain how does the bug occur:
    the command works while passing out.
  • Additional content:
    [20:49:02] You successfully logged in, Vic_Rattlehead.
    [20:49:04] *** [#1666] Vic Rattlehead joined the channel.
    [20:49:04] You logged in as passed out from previous shootout prior to last disconnect.
    [20:49:04] A Grenades was restored with 1 ammo.
    [20:49:04] A M4 was restored with 184 ammo.
    20:52:42] (( Jayden_Santana: NOOO VICC ))
    [20:52:44] Jayden Santana says [Londoner accent]: NOOOOOOO
    [20:52:50] You have dropped M4.
    [20:52:53] (( Jayden_Santana: wtf ))
    [20:52:55] (( Jayden_Santana: WTF? ))
    [20:53:02] You spawned at the house.
    [20:53:03] PM from Jayden_Santana (7): LOL
    [20:53:07] PM from Jayden_Santana (7): LMAOOO
    [20:53:11] PM from Jayden_Santana (7): bruh
    [20:53:11] PM to Jayden_Santana (7): tf was that
    [20:53:16] PM from Jayden_Santana (7): i got ur m4
    [20:53:18] PM from Jayden_Santana (7): u want?
    [20:53:37] PM to Jayden_Santana (7): nah but /drop gun works while dying



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