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Fixed Bug report - Sideeffects of drugs.

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  • In-game name:
    Reis Mucahit
  • Date of when you discovered the bug:
  • What feature is the bug relevant to:
  • Explain how does the bug occur:
    If we use joints/syringes daily we suffer the side effects each time we use it. If we use joints/syringes even after 4-5 days still we suffer the side-effect when we use them.
  • Additional content:
    I used them daily and after few uses i started suffering the side-effects so i stopped using daily and then i used them after 4-5 days but still i was suffering the side effects everytime i used them (after 4-5 days break)

    Online on: 3 Apr 2019 at 03:00

    Added heroin syringe to /craft (obviously craft it from heroin)
    Heroin syringe effect will be armor up to 150
    Effects of joints and heroin syringes will last 10 minutes and then disappear
    Regular use of joints and heroin syringes (over 6-8 times a day) will result in addiction
    Addiction will result in health being taken away when consuming those items - so you will have to wait a day to pass before using them again for benefits



Edited by Raees_Mujahid

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