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Establishment of State of Bone County

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The United States Congress



1. Establishment of the State of Bone County

The State of Bone County shall be established as a fully independent state under the United States, governed by state government, which is in accordance to the constitution, a governor and the appointed officials by the governor, who shall be elected by a democratic election. held every three months as the governor term's end, as written in the constitution.


2. The Territory of State of Bone County



3. The State Agencies

The State of Bone County, just as the State of San Andreas, shall have the local agencies established, such as the Fire Department, Police Department, and other necessary agencies for saving life and enforcing the law, and which are necessary for a good quality of life in the state. The jurisdiction of the state agencies is limited to the area within the territory of Bone County, as marked on the map under section II. The state agencies of State of San Andreas shall no longer have jurisdiction in the State of Bone County.


4. The Federal Agencies

Both states, San Andreas and Bone County, are within the jurisdiction of the federal agencies and the federal government. The federal government is the Congress, and the White House. From agencies, it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hindering federal government from executing its duties in the state boundaries will result in sanctions which may be the revocation of the state status, monetary sanctions, and other as deemed necessary by the federal government.


5. The Applicable Law

Both states, San Andreas and Bone County, are obliged to obey the Constitution of the United States, and all federal laws that are imposed by the federal government. Each state may amend their local state laws as deemed necessary by the state government. The federal government may nullify and void state laws if found being against the federal law, the constitution or deemed inappropriate for the values of the United States or well-being of the citizens of United States.


6. Armed Forces

No state shall have armed forces under their jurisdiction. 


7. The Freedom of Movement

Citizens of United States shall have the freedom of moving through the states with no restrictions.  A state can have their law enforcement agency conduct border control activities which involve searching vehicles and persons coming into the state, but may not prevent the citizen from travelling between states for any other reason aside of breaching the existent law.


Authorized by the Congress of the United States, on this 29th day of September, 2019,

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As of October 4th, 2019, the Congress unanimously suspends the above resolution until the members of the Bone County side align themselves with the existing federal law and constitution.

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Oct 5, 2019

Senator Leonardo Carter
United States Senate
San Andreas


Senator Matthew Carter
United States Senate
San Andreas


Senator Frank Thompson
United States Senate
San Andreas


Dear Senators,


I write in response to the recent notice sent to me to show up in front of Congress. I won't be able to face you in a direct meeting as our intelligence has strictly disallowed me of any meetings. As at the meeting we had last Sunday, it was decided that both sides would co-operate with each other on all the issues of Bone County. SAPD doesn't seem to be working on it. Day by day violations are increasing and as by today, I have locked down Bone County again.


You vowed to give us our very own Governor, our own law enforcement and we would have the option to deal with crimes in Bone County. A week passed and Government didn't work on any of the promised stuff. You should have cleared FCPD for our own law enforcement so that BCR could start working on crimes in Bone County. SAPD doesn't seem to give a damn about the agreement. They enter Bone County without our permission and arrest our people. I won't let that happen anymore.


If a crime is committed in Los Santos and the suspect is related to BCR, we will hand him over to you if you even try to talk with us. Crimes in BC have nothing to do with SAPD and they should be strictly prohibited from entering Bone County without telling Bone County Resistance. We are willing to co-operate for the future of our people but SAGOV doesn't seem to be in senses. Bone County will remain locked until Congress comes with a solution to the problem.


I won't put it all on SAGOV. Our civilians and soldiers have done some violations too. I am personally looking at all the reports I am receiving about our soldiers and they will be dealt with soon. I want SAGOV to co-operate too. I want them to warn SAPD from entering Bone County so that things can go back to normal. We have no problem with federal authorities i.e FBI entering Bone County but I would never allow your law enforcement to take my people. Here are my few demands:


1. Provide us our own representative in the Senate as soon as possible.
2. Approve BCPD as the only law enforcement to handle crimes in Bone County.
3. Move your files and data from FCPD and change its name to Bone County Police Department.
4. Provide BCPD with necessary equipment so they can fight crimes in Bone County.


I hope you will look at our demands and come up with a neutral solution for both sides. Bone County will remain closed for outsiders until further notice.


Daryl Reznov
General of Bone County Resistance

Edited by Daryl
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