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Moderator application - [AC]Robert_Richman

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  • Your in-game name
  • You real life age
  • Your country and timezone
    UTC 05:00+ (Pakistan)
  • How do you describe yourself as a person

    I am calm and polite most of times. I love helping other people and i think i can help others well i like to make new friends and help them out in any situation.I am honest. I have always kept my family’s trust on me and also those people who are connected to me.I am a family guy. Family is the most important part of my life and it comes first from everything and I mean it I don’t talk too much until unless someone is a special one or is close to me I am a positive person, but I look on the both sides positive and the negative because you don’t know what’s coming

  • What are your motives for becoming a moderator?

    I always think i can be a good moderator because i really love to help others.i love to provide help to other people.Also i want to learn a lot new.in future i can be a good admin or even more if i got chance to be.

  • How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors?

    I will deal him like others as i do,but i'll give him a favor like giving weapon tping etc.

  • How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings?

    I will kick him once out from the server and he return and again keep rule breaking he will ban from the server.

  • Any additional information you feel is relevant
  • Screenshot of your in-game stats


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