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Denied Dani_Vandal banned by James_Barkslade

Only staff members and topic author can reply to this topic.

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  • What is your in-game name?
  • Which staff member banned you?
  • When did you get banned?
  • What is the ban reason?
    TP Hacks
  • Personal comment


          Who reported you. Do you guys really think that I would do hacks after I just got unbanned 5 days ago? I also have this chat log. You need to check this Bros.




Edited by Jаmes
I entered wrong admin name

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Hello, Dani_Vandal!


Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions:

  1. Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time.
  2. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies.
  3. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced.


In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.

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You're lying directly to us now and you're very bad at it so it would be best if you came clean, admit your wrong doings because lying wont get you anywhere.

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Ok really sir?

Okay so I apolagize. But now I have even deleted my CLEO folder with fp mod.

I am very sorry for this.


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I had been watching you, your role-play was atrocious and your attitude in /b was worse. Also it looks like you've not been playing by the rules as well, this is actually your fourth ban.





Lying to an admin is against the rules, but considering this is the first time you've been (somewhat) genuine, I won't be adding any additional time for all the lying.


This is your fourth ban, therefore the review date will be set at 23 May 2020, in the meantime, attempting to ban evade will add an entire month to your date - any message that might bother a staff member about your unban appeal will add an entire week to your date.


Wealth deduction will be decided on your review date.


Also here's the video of you using teleport hacks in order to deliver pizza quickly:




Edited by Jаmes

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