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[STATE] PARKING BAN Pershing Square, Los Santos

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October 15th, 2020


Government of Richie Kavanagh



The city of Los Santos, under supervision of Vice Governor B. Finney, has taken notice of the ongoing traffic infractions around Pershing Square, Los Santos.  To keep the sidewalk safe and easily accessible for pedistrians, the Government of San Andreas is forced to enact a parking ban on and around Pershing Square, Los Santos. Per this parking ban, vehicles can be towed and impounded at any time. 


To avoid costs of an impoundment, residents of Commerce, visitors and/or employees of the Los Santos Police Department or the Cityhall are requested and discouraged to park their vehicles on or around Pershing Square, Los Santos.


This parking ban is in effect and enforced from the 15th of October, 2020 in the designated area shown on the attached image.










Brendan Finney

Vice Governor of San Andreas


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I have passed this to the SAPD Troopers and they are now informed of the parking ban.

Jake Randall


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In effect. Please note that parking in front of government buildings (LSPD, LSCH) is still not allowed, those parking spots are reserved for law enforcement and government agencies.

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