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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

Unbanned john_cardona banned by pablo_gambino

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  • What is your in-game name?
  • Which staff member banned you?
  • When did you get banned?
  • What is the ban reason?
    not here to roleplay
  • Personal comment

    this cop say STOP NOW COMPLY OR WE USE FORUCE for destroying my own car and the cop chases me for like 15 minunts and he shoots me and say /me takes out bls kit from pocket I and I did not give it to him because he was arresting me for no reason just for destroying my car and cop says give me the bls kit and I said no and I accept death and respawn at hostpoli and few mins later admin tp me and admin says noting he says cuff him that's all and I ran and he banned me not here to roleplay



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Hello, john_cardona!


Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions:

  1. Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time.
  2. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies.
  3. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced.


In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.

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You didnt answer my pms you didnt answer when i teleported to you, why did you try to run away from everytime i tried to contact you. Your punishment history is already a mess. Why should we unban you?

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You didn't even answer me in pms and also didn't say anything in local chat. All you were doing is trying to run away, now tell me why should i unban you if you don't have any intentions to role play?

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I should be unban cus I will not do that agiain and roleplay and comply with cops even if its no reason of arrest and I will never get anymore warnings and ill try to rp as much pospiable sorry about my spelling and if I get a warning you can just ban me please give me one more chance  I wont do non rp things in server like killing random 

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