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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY
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  • What is your in-game name?
    Carl Goldsworthy
  • Which player(s) do you want to report?
    Jovanca Gvardia
  • When did the rulebreak happen?
  • Which players did witness the rulebreak happening?
    Martin Bartlett, Sam Winters - mod which was handling the report.
  • What happened? (quote what rule was broken)

    Alright, this happend to Rodeo. Jovanca and his group was making a convoy around this area, then I was passing by and started following them without saying anything at all. That was blantant DM from Jovanca side.

  • Evidence

    [06:56:35] * Martin Bartlett buckles their seatbelt
    [06:56:58] Wicked Sick says: whatcha want officers

    [06:57:02] Antonio Mejia says: Hey!

    [06:57:06] Ramon Dominguez shouts: Watch out!

    [06:57:07] Antonio Mejia says: Watch out!

    [06:57:12] (( Venom_Pratik: engine off ))

    [06:57:18] Jovanca Gvardia shouts: Quit following us!

    [06:57:29] * Martin Bartlett unbuckles their seatbelt.

    [06:57:45] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out.

    [06:57:45] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life.

    [06:57:46] (( Martin_Bartlett: wtf ))

    [06:57:58] [Radio] SAPD Volunteer Trooper Venom Pratik [A-3]: they opened fire, need immediate assist rodeo

    [06:58:04] Sam_Winters (7) is now looking into your submitted support request.

    [06:58:08] # [Helpers] Martin_Bartlett (82): hurry

    [06:58:09] {FFFFFF}Sebastian_Jonskyy (75){FFFFFF}: hi

    [06:58:13] (( Sam_Winters: What happened? ))

    [06:58:34] * Jovanca Gvardia pats down the cop.

    [06:58:40] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: sup

    [06:58:49] Jovanca Gvardia says: sup?

    [06:58:50] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: why u killed this gentleman?

    [06:58:53] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Sup? ))

    [06:58:54] Jovanca Gvardia (walkie-talkie): BACK TO CARS

    [06:58:57] Jovanca Gvardia says: Because he was chasing us

    [06:58:59] {FFFFFF}Michael_Hadafagola (26){FFFFFF}: Hi sir
    [06:59:00] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: ......... ))
    [06:59:01] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: ......... ))
    [06:59:01] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: and?
    [06:59:01] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: ......... ))

    [06:59:01] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: ......... ))

    [06:59:05] Jovanca Gvardia says: We have a suspect with us?

    [06:59:09] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: And?

    [06:59:09] Jovanca Gvardia says: ANd a cop is chasing us?

    [06:59:14] Jovanca Gvardia says: ANd we tell him to stop and he doesnt?

    [06:59:16] * Mask_31885 closes the doors of the Sultan.

    [06:59:16] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: Did the cop engage shootout?
    [06:59:21] Jovanca Gvardia says: No we did

    [06:59:28] Jovanca Gvardia says: Because he refused to stop following us and we have a suspect

    [06:59:28] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: I didn't even said a word to them ))

    [06:59:29] (( Ramon_Dominguez: nice bike sam ))

    [06:59:30] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: That is cop hunting.

    [06:59:32] Jovanca Gvardia says: No

    [06:59:34] William Richard says: Not really

    [06:59:34] Jovanca Gvardia says: He came after us

    [06:59:36] (( Ramon_Dominguez: they were chasing us ))

    [06:59:36] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: How no? ))

    [06:59:40] William Richard says: We were being followed

    [06:59:42] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: If a cop is approaching to you

    [06:59:44] {FFFF99}[Support #3] {FF0000}Jovanca_Gvardia (99): i need admin help, moderator is abusing his power on us

    [06:59:45] William Richard says: Since we have a suspect with us

    [06:59:48] William Richard says: Who is also a friend

    [06:59:49] Jovanca Gvardia says: He was following us for 2 minutes sam

    [06:59:49] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: That does not give u a right to kill hiim

    [06:59:51] Jovanca Gvardia says: and we have a suspect

    [06:59:52] (( Ramon_Dominguez: back to the same road ))
    [06:59:53] # [Helpers] Carl_Goldsworthy (21): What?!?!

    [06:59:56] William Richard says: He didn't apparoach us

    [07:00:00] # [Helpers] Carl_Goldsworthy (21): This Jovanca didn't had his pills

    [07:00:03] William Richard says: He followed us and kept doing that

    [07:00:07] Jovanca Gvardia says: He was chasing us, refusing to stop following

    [07:00:13] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: As I said, If a cop his approaching towards you u can't kill him unless they aim or shoot you

    [07:00:15] William Richard says: There's a difference beetwen approach and stalk or follow

    [07:00:17] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: is*

    [07:00:20] (( Ramon_Dominguez: they g ot out ))

    [07:00:23] Jovanca Gvardia says: That's incorrect

    [07:00:24] William Richard says: Approaching???

    [07:00:29] Jovanca Gvardia says: We were suspected he was following us

    [07:00:30] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: He was just following.

    [07:00:34] William Richard says: NO

    [07:00:37] Jovanca Gvardia says: ANd we're trying to escape from him
    [07:00:41] Jovanca Gvardia says: He followed us for minutes

    [07:00:45] William Richard says: He was trying to arrest a friend of ours who is wanted

    [07:00:45] (( Ramon_Dominguez: we have a suspectt sam ))

    [07:00:53] William Richard says: We warned him

    [07:01:02] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: Whom did you warn?

    [07:01:03] Dexi Gvardia says: And more cops comming

    [07:01:05] William Richard says: The cop

    [07:01:06] Antonio Mejia says: Who is this?

    [07:01:06] Jovanca Gvardia says: I warned them

    [07:01:07] # [Helpers] Carl_Goldsworthy (21): They shoot at us while martin got out accidently..

    [07:01:09] Jovanca Gvardia says: To stop following us

    [07:01:15] # [Helpers] Flynn_McGregor (73): You still followed their route though

    [07:01:15] Jovanca Gvardia says: I parked next to them and told them to stop following us

    [07:01:18] # [Helpers] Carl_Goldsworthy (21): ?

    [07:01:19] Antonio Mejia says: s

    [07:01:19] William Richard says: He didn't listen

    [07:01:21] # [Helpers] Martin_Bartlett (82): So what?

    [07:01:22] Jovanca Gvardia says: because he parked in the middle of our 5 vehicle conwoy

    [07:01:26] Jovanca Gvardia says: he just continued following us

    [07:01:28] Jovanca Gvardia says: and he got killed

    [07:01:30] Jovanca Gvardia says: real simple

    [07:01:53] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: Who all were involve?

    [07:01:54] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: All of them shoot

    [07:01:58] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: inolved*

    [07:01:59] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: All of them

    [07:02:00] Jovanca Gvardia says: 15 of my members and me

    [07:02:09] Jovanca Gvardia says: we have suspects with us

    [07:02:11] Jovanca Gvardia says: and they are chasing us

    [07:02:15] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: We didn't warn you?

    [07:02:17] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: let me clear this out ))

    [07:02:17] Jovanca Gvardia says: We have the right to open fire, even if they didn't

    [07:02:22] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: No pull over or something

    [07:02:28] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: I didn't even said a word why we was chasing ))

    [07:02:32] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: The thing that I didnt got ))

    [07:02:35] (( {FF0000}Sam_Winters{BF62DA}: Who all shot you guys? ))

    [07:02:41] Jovanca Gvardia says: 15 people shot them Sam.

    [07:02:43] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Why you shoot at us when we was too far away from you? ))

    [07:02:45] (( {FF0000}Sam_Winters{BF62DA}: Names? ))

    [07:02:57] Jovanca Gvardia says: Sam

    [07:03:05] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: Let me make this clear once again.

    [07:03:10] Jovanca Gvardia says: Management said shootouts involving more than 5 people should be reportedf on forum

    [07:03:11] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: And I quote this
    [07:03:14] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Party DM yea? Jovanca you won't get away with this one. ))

    [07:03:19] Jovanca Gvardia says: So let them forum report us and stop interfeering wiht our role play.

    [07:03:29] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: If a police officer is approaching you or pulling you over

    [07:03:32] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: Stop making excuses

    [07:03:43] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: That does not grant u the right to kill them unless they aim or shoot at you.

    [07:03:45] Jovanca Gvardia says: Sam, they were following us and we have suspects in cars.

    [07:03:50] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: ^

    [07:03:52] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: We didn't say a word

    [07:03:55] Jovanca Gvardia says: I don't need you to explain the rules to me i've been playing on server with same rules as this

    [07:03:59] Jovanca Gvardia says: For 7 years

    [07:04:01] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: They did not engange in a shootout with you.

    [07:04:03] Jovanca Gvardia says: We did not break the rules.

    [07:04:06] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: And still yuo are breaking the rules. ))

    [07:04:09] Jovanca Gvardia says: No, we engaged in a shoot out with them.

    [07:04:16] Carl Goldsworthy says: Jovanca get lost buddy.

    [07:04:18] Jovanca Gvardia says: We were suspects and police officers were following us for minutes.

    [07:04:21] (( {FF0000}Sam_Winters{BF62DA}: Well, Carl, make a forum report on this. ))

    [07:04:24] Jovanca Gvardia says: We warned them not to follow us and they continued

    [07:04:27] Jovanca Gvardia says: So they got shot by us

    [07:04:35] Jovanca Gvardia says: plain and simple

    [07:04:39] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: And we stopped
    [07:04:41] Jovanca Gvardia says: You follow 15 armed people who are suspects

    [07:04:43] Jovanca Gvardia says: you didnt

    [07:04:43] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: As a evidence would you be free to explain that Sam? ))

    [07:04:55] Jovanca Gvardia says: we intentionally drove around the corner from the place where we warned you to stop following

    [07:05:03] (( {FF0000}Sam_Winters{BF62DA}: Yes i'll interfere if required. ))

    [07:05:06] Jovanca Gvardia says: as soon as we started moving u started moving after us again

    [07:05:08] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Good. ))

    [07:05:10] [Radio] SAPD Volunteer Trooper Jayson Calhoun: who took half my armor off god damn it))

    [07:05:10] (( Martin_Bartlett: Thanks. ))

    [07:05:18] Jovanca Gvardia says: Explain what?

    [07:05:19] Martin Bartlett says [British accent]: No need Jovanca.

    [07:05:22] Jovanca Gvardia says: He wasn't present at the scene

    [07:05:23] Jovanca Gvardia says: noobs

    [07:05:28] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Noobs? ))

    [07:05:47] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Sam. ))
    [07:05:56] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: The thing is ))

    [07:05:57] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: Okay since you were thrashed by so many people

    [07:05:59] {FFFFFF}Jovanca_Gvardia (99){FFFFFF}: Can a manager or a senior admin explain rules to Sam Winters?

    [07:06:09] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: so you need to report it on forums

    [07:06:11] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: I get it but Jovanca is their leader ))

    [07:06:18] {FFFFFF}Shubham_Magaddino (97){FFFFFF}: lol sam is mod he know the rules i guess :D

    [07:06:18] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: He was responsibilites for them ))

    [07:06:23] (( Martin_Bartlett: Yeah ))

    [07:06:23] {FF0000}Sam_Winters{DDA2F0} says: Yes he is

    [07:06:24] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Alright let me clear one thing out ))

    [07:06:24] (( Martin_Bartlett: Well said ))

    [07:06:39] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Before we got shoot ))

    [07:06:40] {FFFFFF}Jovanca_Gvardia (99){FFFFFF}: obviously not, because according to him, in order to shoot cops who are chasiing us

    [07:06:42] *** [2 | 86] Enrico Martin: helping))
    [07:06:44] {FFFFFF}Jovanca_Gvardia (99){FFFFFF}: they have to open fire at us first

    [07:06:52] {FFFFFF}Jovanca_Gvardia (99){FFFFFF}: even though we're suspeccted

    [07:06:52] (( Carl_Goldsworthy: Martin pressed enter accidently.. ))



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The player didn't do anything wrong as you followed him, and you parked your vehicle behind his vehicle.


So there is no wrongs in this situation.


Thanks for reporting.


 L & A.


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