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Hello dear players of Mudoo Gaming. We are back! It's only been 3 months since we closed the RPG server for further development and basically resurrection. Well, we've done it and added 15,871 new lines to the code. The server is now ready for a public release, with many, many more features.  Let's go further into this...


What do we offer now? Well, let me just list about everything important.


  1. Ingame registrations, no more panel trouble!
  2. Tutorial, at any time, and upon registering, but it's optional, not forced!
  3. Tips, for new players, it'll direct you to possibilities, for example, if you enter a vehicle, it'll tell you what commands you can use for it!
  4. Experience and levels, you gain experience every 30 minutes, and you level up after you meet certain experience requirement.
  5. Automated passport exam, at City Hall, you just have to know some common sense knowledge to pass the exam.
  6. Automated driving license exam, at Idlewood driving school, study the material inside the driving school before the exam to avoid failure!
  7. Police volunteers, anybody with a passport or a license can go on police duty as a police volunteer.
  8. Medic, heal injured citizens and patients! Automated mission exists which spawns patients around San Andreas, get to them in time, treat them and earn your pay!
  9. Firefighter, fight various situations, obstacles on roads, trashbins on fire, or big structural fires!
  10. Pizza Delivery, deliver pizza to whichever property ordered a pizza, all across San Andreas!
  11. Street Cleaner, not only some humans are considered trash and need to be swept, there's also trash on the road, sweep it, empty the trash at a junkyard and earn the pay!
  12. Taxi Driver, deliver persons from point A to point B... it's simple.
  13. Mechanic, repair vehicles for cheaper than the Pay'n'Spray, be the competitor to those corporate automated industries!
  14. Trucker, deliver cargo across San Andreas from company to company, be careful to not breach the legal weight limit or to not overload your truck physically!
  15. Lumberjack, cut the trees down, screw the nature, money is what matters.
  16. Thief, steal vehicles that are wanted by the illegal dealers, check up with them about what they're looking for, then steal the wanted vehicle and deliver it for easy cash.
  17. Blow up an ATM, you can do it, literally, you just need C4 explosives, plant them at an ATM and run the fuck away, it'll blow shit up properly. Then, go and loot the cash.
  18. Hide the dead body! You can literally carry dead bodies in your hands. Yes. We've gone so far with our science that it's possible. You can bag bodies and carry them anywhere!
  19. Visit the drug dealer, they only appear at night time, and they buy drugs, and they sell various ingredients and equipment for all kinds of illegal activities. 
  20. Be a farmer, grow various goods like potatoes, chicken, and harvest the goods, sell them at a factory to earn yourself some money for your hard farming work.
  21. Be a fisherman, sail into the sea, but hey, watch out, it's illegal to catch certain types of endangered fish, but it's much more profitable to sell! Also, if you catch a marlin, you get 10k$ straight.
  22. Do heroin, there's a bunch of shacks around Red County where you produce heroin, don't get caught by the cops though.
  23. You're more of a Snoop Dog fan, well, do weed, you can grow it in your crib, or on a field outside, whatever you want. Crib is less risky, field is more giving.
  24. Well if those two don't do it, and you like Breaking Bad, then do meth, get a journey van, and do your little laboratory in the back of it. Make meth, go ahead.
  25. Slots machine, when you're a casino addict and love to gamble with your money, go in a casino to a slot machine and roll that shit. You'll most likely lose all your money, but whatever.
  26. Dice, roll it, do blackjack with it, bet your money on it, lose it, win it, you know how it goes. The more you bet the bigger chance you lose.
  27. Tolls, we don't let you just drive from LS to LV without paying to the Government. Don't be hideous. It's also for police to lock you in an area.
  28. Furniture, buy it and decorate your home by your own imagination, you can do it.
  29. Storage, we know you wanted it, for a long time, you've been asking and asking, and we've got it here! We got it!
  30. Businesses, you purchase items, and owner makes profit out of what was purchased. Simple.
  31. Warehouses, smuggle some pieces that are required for the warehouse to produce weapons, and then, withdraw your produced weapon and use it or sell it!
  32. Clothing, save your costume easily to nameable slots and slots divided to job and non-job slots, so you can have your police costume saved and your clown costume in different category.


We've got much more, I can't remember all of it myself and I'm a developer, guess that's a good thing.  We welcome everyone to our community and hope you will enjoy playing on our server, and if you don't, wait! Contact any of the Managers and tell them what's wrong, we appreciate criticism and will attempt to improve whatever players may find wrong with the server. We base this community on the fact that the players are the ones that make it, and therefore, listening to your suggestions and criticism is the only way we can grow better.


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successful as fuck best server carbon & andeey on suicide watch

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Amazing job, hope this community will run well :3.

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I am impressed too ! And I hope it will fly smoothly !

Read my story !

It was a sunny day and I still wanted to play some games but my mobile battery was less than that of 10°/.  .....

I turned my computer ON and Connected to Mudoo's RPG server I was about to play COD:GW but when I heard that there is a server named as Mudoo's RPG ..... I never never liked a RPG server but when I just registered I feel very booring.... And I decided to play for it 5 Mins .... I don't know I swear I don't know how those 5 Mins changed into 5 Hours ! 

From that day I never thinked about to play Mudoo's COD:GW  XD .....

Rate my story ! lol

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