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Player report - David_Salerno/Anthony_Salerno/Robert_Salerno/Roy_Salerno

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Posted (edited)
  • What is your in-game name?
  • Which player(s) do you want to report?
  • When did the rulebreak happen?
  • Which players did witness the rulebreak happening?
  • What happened? (quote what rule was broken)

    Well. I was afk for a while, like 10-30 minutes. When I came back I saw that I was surrounded by 4 Salerno's. Nothing bad as I thought, they said hands up and I complied. Someone of them tied me up and dragged be by RP. Before dragging he asked what's my boss name. How the fuck does he even know that I'm Magaddino IC'ly? He doesn't know me IC'ly, They stopped because they saw my nametag above head which made them decide to kidnap me. So I told them in /b that they doing MG since they don't know me IC'ly and he was like ''Wtf, MG?''. Let's move on, when they dragged me right nearby car. Outta nowhere showed up Tom_Magaddino. He saw that I was being kidnapped and he started shooting at Salerno's. Anthony used C-Bug to kill Tom. Tom pressed panic button, after Salerno's knocked Tom, they robbed him and then like 10 seconds later Santiago's came. I didin't saw names, I saw only that they are Santiago's responding to panic. Straight away Salerno's left the vehicle and started shooting at Santiago's. Then cops came and started chasing Salerno's because they kidnapped me and shot people down. We entered parking lot where straight the car was damage because cops were shooting at car. So when cops reached the floor in which we were standing, Anthony knocked me which is rule break since I complied to Roleplay. I didin't refused or resisted, I entered car and RP'ed with them. I was dying slowly. Anthony was dead, he accepted death or he was finished. Then balla's came or something else, they started shooting cops for no reason which counts as DM. They didin't had reason to show up, or else Salerno's called backup OOC'ly. They pressed few times panic button but no one came. Later, when I was knocked, I saw them DM and stuff, I saw Anthony again on scene shooting at cops(RK+DM). I don't understand what else I can tell but I have witnesses who saw that, I didin't mentioned names because I didin't saw them, I will find all of them for you to make furher investigation. I think that is nonsense that Mudoo Staff Member AKA Anthony_Salerno used C-Bug and he killed me even tho I complied to RP.




    Rules Broken : Returning after death, Death Maching, Using C-Bug, Calling backup OOC'ly(I think), MetaGaming, Car Surfing, Killed me while I complied to RP.


  • Evidence

    *This was when I just came back from being AFK(IRL Issues)*

    [16:12:39] *** [1 | 469] Josh Magaddino: What happend?
    [16:12:42] *** [1 | 469] Josh Magaddino: I was afk lmao


    *Right here I noticed 4 of them around me*

    [16:12:52] Josh Magaddino says: Eh?


    *Can't talk badly about this since one of them RP'ed it*

    [16:12:54] * Anthony Salerno unholsters his desert-eagle as he reloads it.
    [16:13:00] * Anthony Salerno aims it at josh.


    *This is where the real RP started*

    [16:13:03] * David Salerno grabs out his glock 18 from his right arm.
    [16:13:05] Anthony Salerno says [Italian accent]: Hands up homie.
    [16:13:10] * Anthony Salerno whispers something to Robert Salerno.
    [16:13:10] * Robert Salerno unsheaths katana
    [16:13:11] Josh Magaddino says: Ummm.
    [16:13:12] David Salerno says: Be a good boy and hands up.
    [16:13:13] * Roy Salerno take out his desert eagle
    [16:13:19] Josh Magaddino says: Sure.
    [16:13:35] David Salerno (walkie-talkie): Robert, got rope?


    *This was when I did /handsup*

    [16:13:46] * Anthony Salerno pats josh from top to bottom.

    [16:13:51] Josh Magaddino says: So what it was for?
    [16:13:52] Anthony Salerno says [Italian accent]: Wait here.

    [16:13:56] Anthony Salerno says [Italian accent]: I'll bring rope.
    [16:13:58] Josh Magaddino says: Can't move when you aim.
    [16:14:00] Josh Magaddino says: Lmao.
    [16:14:02] * Josh Magaddino laughs.
    [16:14:07] * Robert_Salerno (85) left the server (crashed).

    [16:14:15] David Salerno says: Alright.

    [16:14:21] David Salerno says: What i'm asking.



    *This is where Meta Gaming started*

    [16:15:04] David Salerno says: Alright.
    [16:15:08] David Salerno says: Answer me what i'm asking.
    [16:15:14] Josh Magaddino says: Yeah..Sure.
    [16:15:16] David Salerno says: What is your boss name?
    [16:15:18] * Josh Magaddino nods.
    [16:15:22] Josh Magaddino says: Boss name?
    [16:15:25] David Salerno says: Roy, What was that retarded name?
    [16:15:27] Josh Magaddino says: What you are talking about?
    [16:15:29] Robert Salerno says [Creepy accent]: don's name


    *This is where I told them in /b that they are MetaGaming*

    [16:15:33] (( Josh_Magaddino: MG is not allowed ))
    [16:15:37] (( Josh_Magaddino: Don't look at name tag ))
    [16:15:37] (( David_Salerno: MG? ))
    [16:15:41] (( Josh_Magaddino: You don't know me IC'ly. ))
    [16:15:41] (( David_Salerno: WHT?? ))

    [16:15:44] (( Josh_Magaddino: Not name, not last name ))
    [16:15:47] (( David_Salerno: We asking ur don. ))

    [16:15:55] (( David_Salerno: You might be in ur family or something. ))
    [16:15:57] (( Josh_Magaddino: That's MG if you see on nametag my name ))
    [16:16:05] (( David_Salerno: I didn't. ))

    [16:16:07] (( Josh_Magaddino: If I'm in HQ it doesn't mean that I'm one of them ))
    [16:16:08] (( Josh_Magaddino: Lmao ))


    *This is where they tied me up and dragged me*

    [16:16:14] * Anthony Salerno ties up josh

    [16:16:18] * Anthony Salerno drags josh


    *This is when we were about to leave Magaddino's HQ and Tom saw them dragging me while I'm tied + Here Anthony used C-Bug*

    [16:16:43] *** [1 | 469] Tom Magaddino pressed his panic button at The High Roller, Las Venturas


    *This is RP scene of them throwing me in vehicle and shootout*

    [16:16:48] * David Salerno opens the door as he throws him in.
    [16:16:49] Anthony Salerno says [Italian accent]: SIT
    [16:16:54] * Anthony Salerno presses his walkie-talkie panic button.
    [16:16:58] Josh Magaddino says: I can't open fucking door.
    [16:17:05] Josh Magaddino says: I'm tied.
    [16:17:20] Josh Magaddino says: What is going on.
    [16:17:22] * David Salerno opens the door as he throws him in.
    [16:17:23] * Anthony Salerno buckles their seatbelt.
    [16:17:26] * Roy Salerno locks their Sultan.
    [16:17:26] * Roy Salerno unlocks their Sultan.
    [16:17:27] Anthony Salerno says [Italian accent]: stop

    [16:17:30] Anthony Salerno says [Italian accent]: ge tHIM IN


    *This is where I entered vehicle*

    [16:17:35] This vehicle is owned by Dream Motor Dealership.


    *This is where Santiago's responded to Tom's walkie talkie panic and they had second shootout*

    [16:17:56] Josh Magaddino says: What's going on?
    [16:17:59] David Salerno says: Dont move you idiot.


    *This is when they got in car and hit the gas because cops were coming at the scene*

    [16:18:29] * Anthony Salerno opens the trunk of the Sultan.
    [16:18:31] * David Salerno closes the trunk of the Sultan.

    [16:18:32] Aberama McCavern o<: This is the POLICE DEPARTMENT - PULL OVER to the SIDE of the ROAD!


    *Another panic button of Salerno's*

    [16:18:55] * Roy Salerno presses his walkie-talkie panic button.


    *This is when one of them did Car Surfing*

    [16:18:57] (( Josh_Magaddino: Car surfing is not allowed ))


    *Another panic button*
    [16:19:16] * David Salerno presses his walkie-talkie panic button.
    [16:19:43] * Anthony Salerno presses his walkie-talkie panic button.


    *This is where we stopped at parking lot because car was damaged*

    [16:19:46] * Anthony Salerno unbuckles their seatbelt.


    *This is where Anthony knocked me(He can't if I comply to RP and I complied)*

    [16:19:52] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out.
    [16:19:52] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life.


    *This is where I reported one of Salerno's that they killed me while I complied, since I couldn't report Anthony In Game*

    [16:20:13] PM to Arthur_Douglas (73): I complied with RP and they just knocked me, wtf

    [16:20:21] PM to Arthur_Douglas (73): They can't kill me if I comply, right?

    [16:20:28] PM from Arthur_Douglas (73): Nope, /report


    *This is where cops came in the parking lot*

    [16:20:16] * Sean Jhonson closes the doors of the Police Car (LSPD).

    [16:20:24] * Sean Jhonson unbuckles their seatbelt.

    [16:20:51] * Hayate Kobayashi clicks a button on the radio.


    *This is where I told him in /b that he can't kill me*

    [16:21:29] (( Josh_Magaddino: Anthony? ))

    [16:21:39] (( Josh_Magaddino: Do you know that you can't kill me if I comply to RP? ))





Edited by Karolukas

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We allow nametag MG.

And as far as I presume, this report is targetting Anthony Salerano, right?

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Hahahah no. I'm reporting 4 of them since 4 of them broked rules. As I mentioned before.


Show me where does it says that you allow nametag MG?

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- Returning after death - Are you sure it was the same situation, or are you just assuming ? Because pretty sure cops would've reported Anthony if they knew he is returning after death. 

- Using C-Bug - Insufficient proof. 

- Calling backup OOC'ly - No, they did not. 

- MetaGaming - This part of metagaming is allowed in Mudoo. 

- Car Surfing - Insufficient proof. 

- "Killed me while I complied to RP." - Pretty sure this was not a robbery, as it was obvious they are kidnapping you, and not robbing you, hence they can kill you even if you complied, as again, it was not a robbery. 

Death Maching - Which part was the deathmatching one ? Elaborate please. 


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Posted (edited)

About DM...Balla's or who the fuck it was started randomly shooting cops as they weren't involved into Kidnapping situation.


Returned after death, he was knocked infront of me and his body was gone.


I don't have proof of him using C-Bug but ask witnesses they saw it too.


Aight then, no worries about calling  backup OOC'ly as they didin't. Let's move on.


Then which part is not allowed about Meta Gaming?


One admin said that no matter it if wasn't robbery, even if I comply to Kidnapping RP they are not allowed to kill me. Admin told me that. I forgot which one.



Moving on. Okay, Anthony killed me once cops started shooting at him, but he didin't RP'ed opening fire at me. He just got out of car as he opened fire. Check damage logs by time.



By the way, what was the reason of kidnapping me? I was afk for littery 10-30 minutes and when I came back I saw these.

Edited by Karolukas

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Yall taking too long to respond, I know I can't PM all of you to ''check it fast'' ''please handle it'' etc and etc. I am not that kind, so I have hope that some admins are sleeping and some, busy. I understand that, but let's finish this report for once and forever. As I asked before ''What was the reason to kidnap me?''. As well, those balla's or who the hell it was came outta nowhere in parking lot and started shooting cops. On my screen, Anthony was knocked and then boom, he was dead, on my screen, his bodie suferred death(Anim of dying). So admins, let's finish this report.

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Cmon guys, what's taking so long eh? I'm waiting.

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Waiting for them to come IG so that I can understand the reason behind this kidnapping

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David Salerno was IG yesterday. If you have timezone which is GMT+3(UTC+2) you would find him, I dunno about Anthony but sure, take your time, waiting patiently.

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After talking with Anthony, I was informed that Magaddino's and Gambino's are enemies of Salerno's as Anthony IC'ly scammed Gambino's.


Also when you were kidnapped, someone had called the cops on them. Hence they executed you and got killed by the cops later on. 


I don't see this as a deathmatch at all.


Now regrading this,

On 5/25/2020 at 3:29 AM, Joshie said:

One admin said that no matter it if wasn't robbery, even if I comply to Kidnapping RP they are not allowed to kill me. Admin told me that. I forgot which one.

 I'll show you the kidnapping rule.


"Kidnapping is the act of forcefully taking a player against their will. It is not allowed to kill kidnapped players if they were kidnapped for nothing else than money or such. It is only allowed to kill a kidnapped player if he was kidnapped due to a specific roleplay reason, such as being a rival group member, having a past incident which caused him to get kidnapped and so on. Randomly kidnapped players may not be killed if they are compliant."

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