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    Box problem ! ! ! !
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    The topic became very disgusting
    I send a problem inside the server, nobody helps me, and if someone helps me, he does not understand my problem, and if the official comes, he does not personally understand this problem.
    The problem is as follows
    I have 150 boxes and when I want to fill a good and I get to choose between 5 to 10 to 15 to 20
    I want to choose 5 that does not give me a commodity and I want to choose 10 that does not give me a commodity
    If I am not my problem if the commodity group has a specified quantity and come 20/20 if I choose 15 How will I fill in 5
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    For example
    I have Items Cropper whose maximum quantity is 20 out of 20
    How do I play 15 and leave 5 ??? !?
    5 If I want to fill in the system refuses



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