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  • In-game name:
    Sergio Gadino
  • Date of when you discovered the bug:
  • What feature is the bug relevant to:
  • Explain how does the bug occur:
    1: Get A 1 C4 bomb in your inventory.
    2: Go to the ATM which you want to nuke.
    3: do "/plantc4".
    4: Now you were having only 1 C4 in your inventory, get your friend closer to you.
    5: do "/give John Doe 1 C4". You'll see you gave him 1 C4 and now you've 0 C4 in your iinventory, but ATM still in progress to get Nuke.

    I use this bug like more than 10 times to make it clear, and yeah it was bugged. I'm sure so many people are abusing this bug right now. Please fix it as soon as possible.
  • Additional content:
    I forgot to take screens last time, but will update screens soon.



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