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Fixed Bug report - Opcode Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x59F8B4

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  • In-game name:
    Ben_Blake (also Julio Murphy who explored the area with me)
  • Date of when you discovered the bug:
  • What feature is the bug relevant to:
  • Explain how does the bug occur:
    There's a circular area around this approximate point, where the Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x59F8B4 message is presented and occasionally causes a crash.
    The location is the Remgro Group HQ. Just to the east there's also a property with a few furniture items on the roof.
  • Additional content:
    QVGMHrC.png Please see the red circle (this is an approximation only).
    If you drive into this circle, the opcode is triggered.


My version of SA:MP is 0.3.7-R4 and it looks like the group HQ is a custom mapping, not a property yard.


P.s. Yes, I'm aware of how tragic I sound for exploring it this much.


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