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Hamad Magaddino | Director Of Public Works.

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Full Name: Hamad Magaddino
Phone Number: 20455
Level: 16


Roleplay Experience: My career has been good throughout my history of playing at the Role-play Server. Mudoo is the first of my experience of a Role-play Server and I'm aware of all the rules hereby stated. As an Ex-Doctor, I've learned so much from my good experience there and learnt more about Role-playing. I'll remark my Role-play experience as 8/10.
Why do you think you should be accepted? As I noticed that the Department was not that crowded so my chance of selection increases automatically and secondly instead of wasting time on worthless activities, it'll be good to be come in handy for my beloved Community.
Describe your duties as Director of Public Works: 
A public works director is responsible for all personnel within a public works department. This role entails various administrative and managerial responsibilities. Manage, supervise and administer public works operations and maintenance including all or some of the following: streets, buildings and grounds, vehicles, parks, cemeteries, electric and irrigation. Attend public meetings and presents public works plans to citizens.

Name:  Hamad Magaddino
Signature:  Hamad 🇵🇰
Edited by Hamad_Sultan
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