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Update#12 Arab News Group

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Posted (edited)

There are many people asking about getting a Discord Arab News we will put the link for you here
Also, we will provide you with an update for the Arab News Group

We added a bot that randomly pulls players ’accounts into Discord Arab News by clicking on the red hat emoji.



The bot randomly chooses one of the names one week after the start of the competition
And the person wins
And every week there is a prize for players
Whether car grades, free tools, masks, money, or free advertising for his company, elections, or for his services on the server

Of course, this feature allows you to financially support the competition. We will write under the contest sponsored (company, person name, party name, product name, exhibition name, etc.)



The second issue of Arab News (testimonials)

If you play inside Arab News and you are one of the individuals, you will get a certificate from Arab News with experience and congratulations



If you are a group company (official server), you will receive an honorary shield in your name and company name The company has played well roles with Arab News and provided them with services or assistance that will reward the company with a shield of honor and will be placed in the discord of Arab News
This also helps you feel wonderful, fun and fair play for all server groups








In the end, Arab News will try to support role-playing well for all groups inside the server and we will create for players a sense of real life inside the server

Wait for upcoming updates

Edited by Hank11

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lol, you've sent link to the channel, not an invite.

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sms me sir for invite 



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