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2020 Award Winners

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Best Staff Member Kindest Staff Member Fairest Staff Member Most helpful Staff Member
Jan Svensson Danny Winters Dizzy Walker Sam Woods







Best Police Officer Kindest Police Officer Fairest Police Officer Courageous Police Officer Worst Police Officer
Khalid King Danny Winters Stock Smith Kacper Kowalski Kacper Kowalski







Best Criminal Best Dealer Best Criminal Driver Worst Criminal
Declan Kavanagh Declan Kavanagh Fylnn McGregor Carlo Gambiino







Most Unique Group Best Government Group Best Criminal Group Best Business Group Worst Government Group Worst Criminal Group Worst Business Group
The Irish Mob FBI The Gambino Family Luxury Auto Dealership SAPD The Gambino Family Luxury Auto Dealership







Best Roleplayer Most Creative Player Funniest Player Best Driver Luckiest Player Best Shooter Worst Gambler
Octavius Finney Richie Kavanagh Tommy Brandon Omar Alston Kacper Kowalski Bobby Grizzly Carlo Gambino



Worst Driver Worst Shooter Dumbest Hacker Best Dj
Kacper Kowalski Ned Gambino Damon Eira Enrique Mendez







Most Dedicated Player Best Mapper Best Mapper
Jake Randall Jason Maxwell Octavius Finney
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37 minutes ago, TheAssassin said:

who the heck is bobby grizzly.

never saw him ingame.


Me neither

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